The Tire Pressure Monitor System



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The Tire Pressure Monitor System

Perhaps one of the most important factors to have a safe vehicle is the condition of the tires. Under -inflation, over-loading or potholes, any of these circumstances can accelerate a tire failure and there are few more frightening thoughts than tire failure at highway speeds.

All vehicles built after 2007 have an on board tire pressure monitor system that will display a warning symbol indicating a tire that is low on air or overinflated.

There are two basic TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitor System), direct and indirect.  Indirect systems don’t have a sensor in the wheel and use wheel speed data to determine if a tire is low.   Direct systems use a sensor in the wheel that tells an on board computer what the tire pressure is in each tire. Direct system TPMS sensors have a normal working life of 5-7 years before the internal battery expires. These sensors are non-serviceable and when the battery expires the sensor must be replaced for the system to operate correctly.  Most vehicles require a reset procedure for the TPMS system when the tires are rotated.

Don’t ignore this important safety feature, it could potentially save your life