Winter Vehicle Care Tips



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Cold weather takes its toll on your vehicle in many ways.

Here are some winter reminders when it comes to caring for your vehicle!

Broken wiper arms and broken door handles are common when the weather turns cold.  Remember to turn your windshield wipers to the “off” position before your vehicle is turned off.  Be a little more gentle when opening vehicle doors, doors freeze and handles will snap.  Some silicone spray wiped on rubber door seal helps keep seal in place when opening door.  Give vehicle warm up time before venturing out.  Keep close eye on fluids and tire pressure. Tire pressure drops in the cold, resulting in under inflated tires.  Batteries lose up to 60% of their capacity in cold weather.  We recommend battery replacement after 4 years.  Be sure to include an under bottom blast at the car wash to help wash away the road salt. Rodents like to hibernate and store food (dog food, bird seed, nuts) in engine compartments during the winter.   Keep a periodic under hood check and clean out if necessary of nesting material, chewed wires or insulation.

Bundle up and drive safe!