Whether an emergency fix or a plumbing remodel, Hedlund Plumbing makes water appear, disappear


Whether an emergency fix or a plumbing remodel, Hedlund Plumbing makes water appear, disappear

It’s 6:45 a.m., and Lynn turns the faucet for her shower and a few drops dribble out. Across town, John’s sump pump alarm is beeping and his basement is filling with water. Both are long-time customers of Hedlund Plumbing, so they have the firm on speed-dial.

Hedlund’s co-owners and brothers, Bob and Tom, dispatch two of their plumbers to both residences. In Lynn’s situation, the shower head was found to be plugged.  A simple fix, and now Lynn knows how to check this if it happens again.

John’s basement flood was a little more complicated. His sump pump had switched its position inside the basin, and the float running the on/off switch was disabled. Again, an easy adjustment and the pump resumed draining.

Repairing leaking toilets and grinding garbage disposals, installation and service of water heaters, and rebuilding original plumbing from older homes from the 1940s and ‘50s are just a few of the services Hedlund Plumbing can tackle.

Hedlund is a third-generation family business started by Einer Hedlund in 1939, passed along to David and Howard Hedlund, and now owned and operated by Bob and Tom Hedlund.  One thing that has always remained consistent is their desire to treat all customers as family, and make the customer their number one priority for all jobs.  They also take pride in doing everything possible to protect customers’ property as if it were their own home.

Hedlund Plumbing keeps up on the latest technology and products available, such as wi-fi-linked high water alarms for sump pumps, hot water recirculation systems, high efficiency tankless water heaters, and a variety of water treatments systems for clean water.

Same-day service is always the goal for the Hedlund Plumbing’s service department, with 24/7 scheduling options and the ability to schedule calls directly from Hedlund Plumbing’s website at the customer’s convenience.

Larger projects are also possible with the Hedlund remodeling crew. “As some of our customers mature, they want to switch out bathtubs for walk-in or accessible showers,” says Tom. “We provide free written quotes and schedule installations for the customer’s convenience, trying to minimize disruptions to their daily schedule.”

“We recently worked on a home where our company had installed the original plumbing fixtures in 1958,” adds Tom. “It was very satisfying to know that our father, uncle, and grandfather had a hand in this house so long ago, and we are able to continue this service relationship all these decades later.”

Both brothers agree on the need for ongoing communication with customers about projects, quoted pricing ahead of time, and follow-up once a project is complete. “Whether the customer has a very small repair or a complete re-pipe of the plumbing system,” say both brothers, “we love being that go-to source for top-end plumbing service and expertise for the long-term.”

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