What can ruin a travel vacation more than anything?


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What can ruin a vacation quicker than anything? Getting sick!!! Here are 5 recommendations to help boost your immunity and prevent you from spending more time in your room than seeing the sights.

1. Take a multi vitamin with plenty of vitamin C in the days leading up to your trip. I use Airborne. Probiotics are also good for maintaining gut health during travel.

2. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Always carry a bottle with you during and throughout your travel.

3. Carry hand sanitizer and/or wipes. It’s always a good idea to wipe down your tray and arm wrests on the plane, and/or door knobs of your stateroom on a cruise ship 4. Keep your distance from people who may be coughing and sneezing in confined areas. 6 feet is a good gage.

5. Get plenty of sleep and avoid unnecessary calories found in alcohol. Alcohol tends to disrupt your sleeping patterns and weakens the immune system. If you should get sick on vacation you may want to purchase travel protection. Most companies offer 25k in medical reimbursement during travel. Remember to keep your receipts. And one last piece of advise, when possible, schedule a few days after your vacation to take a vacation from your vacation to ease back into your normal routine.