Taking the Hassle Out of Collision Repair


It’s was just like any other start to the day for Tom as he was driving into work. Then out of nowhere, a deer darts out and Tom had no choice but to hit the deer. Tom pulled over to

look at the damage.  Sure enough, the front end looked like it was hit with a wrecking ball.  The front fender, grill and hood were all damaged.  Tom even noticed the passenger side headlight was damaged too. Even though there was so much damage, Tom was able to continue on to work. Not the way Tom wanted to start his day.

When Tom finally got to work he told his coworkers about what happened and everyone came out to take a look. One of Tom’s coworkers gave him a business card and said, “call Lyle at Lyles Collision, I take all my vehicles there and they do an excellent job.”   Tom went to his office and called Lyles Collision.  Tom was very impressed with how Lyle listened to what happened and explained the process and next steps.  Tom felt assured that everything would be taken care of from dealing with the insurance company and making sure that quality parts are used to repair his vehicle. “After any type of accident whether it’s a deer hit, fender bender, dents or scratched paint, when people call our shop, we want them to know they will be taken care of and everything will be okay”’ said Lyle Ranshaw.  Lyle also added, “dealing with insurance companies can be frustrating and we will handle all of that for you.”

Tom was fortunate that his vehicle was still drivable and took it into Lyles for an estimate.

“There are times after an accident that your vehicle isn’t drivable”, Lyle said. “If your vehicle is being towed we recommend people to tell the tow driver to take their vehicle right to our shop. This helps speed up the estimate process and saves you from being charged for two tows”.  Lyle does a thorough search during the estimate.  “In a typical accident, all people see is the damage on the outside of vehicle. There are actually a lot of parts and pieces that you can’t see and I look at everything so I can give the most accurate information to the insurance company”, says Lyle.

Lyles Collision was started in 2001 and moved into their current location at 10260 W. Grand River in Grand Ledge in 2002.  Lyles Collision shop is designed to fit any size vehicle from cars, trucks, SUV’s to RV’s.  There is a great deal of attention to detail and Lyle is very picky about what the vehicle looks like before it leaves their facility. When Tom came to pick up his vehicle he couldn’t believe what he saw. “It liked like a brand-new vehicle,” Tom said.

“You couldn’t even tell I hit a deer. The paint matched perfectly. Lyle made my collision repair simple to understand and painless.”

The next time you have a dent or scratch, get into a fender bender, deer hit, or major collision, give Lyles Collision a call or stop in and see Lyle. He will help walk you through the reporting and repair process. Turning a very scary and frustrating situation into a calm and smooth satisfying experience.

Lyles Collision 
10260 W Grand River Hwy
Grand Ledge, Michigan 48837
(517) 622-1606

Lyles Collsion