Pothole Tips



409 Lentz Court
Lansing MI 48917

As temperatures fluctuate between cold winter weather and our recent unseasonably warm weather, potholes begin to rear their ugly heads!

Often it is difficult to avoid a pothole. If able, slow down as safely as you can before you hit it. Do not brake directly over a pothole as that can cause more damage to your vehicle. Hold the steering wheel firmly, foot off the brake, hit it as straight on as possible and roll through it.

If you have encountered a pothole, some signs of possible damage to your vehicle are a shimmey or shake in vehicle while driving, the steering wheel is no longer centered properly, vehicle pulls or drifts, any unusual noises or loss of tire pressure.

If you have fallen victim to a pothole and something doesn’t seem right, we recommend a thorough underbody inspection which would include a steering/suspension check as well as a close inspection of tires and rims.

As always, drive safely!