Oil Change Tips



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Oil Change Tips

Did you know that using the correct oil is often mandatory to maintain the vehicle factory warranty?

A young man laying underneath a car doing repairs or maintenance on the vehicle.

As a consumer you do not have to take your vehicle to the dealer for oil changes to maintain the factory warranty. However, if you experience a warranty covered engine failure, you may be asked by the dealer to provide proof of regular scheduled oil changes. The type of oil, the weight and grade of the oil and the vehicle mileage must be documented from day one to show that you have taken care of the vehicle as outlined in the owner’s manual.

Today’s modern engines usually require a synthetic blend or full synthetic oil, which cost more than standard conventional oil. It may be tempting to use conventional oil to save a few dollars but I would advise to only use the type of oil recommended by the manufacturer.

My 35+ years of working on vehicles has convinced me that keeping your vehicles oil and filter changed is the best thing you can do to ensure reliability and longevity of your vehicles engine. Don’t be tempted to “stretch out” oil change intervals, your vehicle knows the difference! ~ Troy Sika, Owner