Mahabir Wellness Promotes Self-Esteem:


careforinside9d4f52f8aac4d89c1a1da348c528de5fStep inside Mahabir Wellness and there is a sense of peace and tranquility. Gita Mahabir greets each client, warmly and ushers them, either into a suite for skin care treatments, or into a cozy room for counseling clients facing internal life transitions. She see both men and women for counseling and skin care concerns.

With a master’s degree in counseling from Spring Arbor University, and certifications for all the skin care treatments she offers, it’s the inner embrace of self-esteem that Gita wishes for each client, male or female.

mahabirproductsimg_0159-jpgHer calm presence and active listening draw clients to share their personal stories. “I find it fascinating,” says Gita, “how skin self-care and counseling go hand-in-hand. Some clients come to draw away tension outwardly, and find it’s the internal self that needs to be examined and reconnected with their values, beliefs and goals.

“We don’t get to choose our appearance when we’re born. Over time, we notice that ‘first impressions’, right or wrong, often are defined by how we look to others. While it’s true that ‘beauty is only skin deep’, an individual’s perception of self can change as dead skin cells are peeled away, and the skin brightens with hydration.”

Gita Mahabir
Gita Mahabir

Gita uses only medicine-grade gels and creams that are 99% bacteria-free.  She offers the following skin care procedures:

Dermaplaning – Removal of the top layer of dead skin cells with a tool that involves easy, swift strokes to bring out one’s natural facial brightness.

Rejuvapen® Micro-Needling – Sometimes called Collagen Induction Therapy, this therapy uses a therapeutic tool with short bursts of energy to treat wrinkles, stretch marks, scars, acne and hyper-pigmentation. Gives skin a bright, permanent glow.

Semi-Permanent Makeup – Small amounts of pigment are inserted into the skin’s dermal
layer, lasting from one to three years. An example might be eyebrows that have virtually disappeared, and fine lines are drawn to mimic an actual eyebrow.

Eyelash Extensions – Enhances length, thickness and fullness of eyelashes to suit the client’s preference.

mahabiritems20161004_170807Gentle Pineapple Peel – Elixir – This treatment softens and removes dead skin cells on the outer and inner skin layers, tightening and lifting the skin, while allowing muscles to relax and regain strength. The peel is removed with rainwater.

“One or all these procedures are designed to change the way you look, think and treat yourself,” adds Gita. Clients are encouraged to return for at least two additional treatments to activate continuing skin repair. Gita offers a line of medical-grade skincare products, infused with Caribbean botanicals and clinical ingredients, so clients become accustomed to daily skin cleansing and hydration.

For inner work, Gita helps clients get in touch with the ability to balance their lives, take control of their time, and identify a plan for positive reinforcement of self. “I give
homework,” she says, “and I expect my clients to come back with their own program for inner self-care.  Then, the client is invested with achieving goals they have set for themselves. She plans to start a divorce support group in early 2017.

Her counseling practice is separate from the skin care procedures she offers. Gita sees both men and women for counseling or skin care.

“It was Diane Von Furstenberg who said: ‘You are always with yourself, so you might as well enjoy the company’”.mahabirimg_0231-jpg

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