Learning and Career Connections® Offers Tutoring to Overcome Learning Challenges


Learning and Career Connections® Offers Tutoring to Overcome Learning Challenges

Just observe: Scott steps into Dr. Peg Lamb’s kitchen for his one-hour personalized tutoring session. She has on hand his favorite snack and beverage. Based on discussions with his parents, teachers, and often, therapists, Dr. Lamb knows Scott learns best in 20-minute bursts of highly-focused attention on his writing and spelling skills. There’s an active inter-play of what the words in the book he’s reading mean in context.

After a five-minute break, Scott and Dr. Lamb act out what he learned in the first part of his tutoring session. During a break and near the session’s end, they talk about the goals he’s set for this grading period. Before he leaves, he and Dr. Lamb share a finger shake that has bonded them from Day One. This is Scott’s second year with Dr. Lamb, as he tackles his Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

Dr. Lamb develops individual tutoring plans for students from elementary grade through college, and specializes in helping students excel who have learning disabilities, ADHD, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), or those dealing with anxiety or depression. She has the academic credentials and experience to advocate for her students, encourage parent engagement, and keep teachers and therapists apprised of a student’s progress.

She has a Bachelor of Arts in elementary education from The University of Michigan, with minors in math, English, social studies and science. Her Master’s degree is in learning disabilities and behavior disorders, and her Ph.D. degree in curriculum, teaching and educational policy is from Michigan State’s College of Education.

She has taught virtually every grade level. When Holt High School introduced team teaching, and began integrating students with special learning needs in each classroom, Dr. Lamb was one of the lead teachers in helping those students keep pace with their peers. She started her private tutoring business in 2006, and has a nearly full schedule of student clients. Even after a student has graduated from tutoring, they stay in touch with Dr. Lamb, updating her on how they’re exceling independently. “That’s the biggest delight,” admits Dr. Lamb. “Often they give me the credit, when in reality, it’s all the hard work they put in, accepting their unique learning abilities and pursuing a career path that excites them.”

Dr. Lamb would like to see business and the trades offer more on-the-job training and internship opportunities. “The ratio of high school counselors to students is about 1:300,” says Dr. Lamb. “Young people often don’t get the personalized attention they need, nor are they given a lot of assistance in furthering their education beyond 12th grade. It’s up to young people and parents to figure out a career path, trade school or university, and find financial aid without taking on substantial student debt. At some point, we may move to a K-16 teaching system. The U.S. lags behind many other countries in teacher compensation and learning environments that foster critical and creative thinking.

“This is where business could step in and invest in educational resources to accelerate learning experiences. Then, when it comes time to hire new talent, their candidates are prepared to make an immediate contribution in the firm’s growth.”

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