Holiday Shopping Tips



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The holidays can be a stressful time both on your emotions and your finances. below are some tips to remember while you are out looking for that ‘perfect’ gift.

  • Know your budget-use coupons, sales etc. to save money for things on your list.
  • Be sure to shop with a list and from your list.
  • Remember that when an item is 50% off, it is still 50% on.
  • Impulse purchases can throw your budget off, creating undue stress.
  • Plan for purchases-hopefully you have set funds aside throughout the year to cover your holiday purchases. if not, consider making your own gifts; examples include coupons for babysitting, making a nice dinner or lawn clean up in the spring.
  • Don’t go shopping when you are hungry, angry or sad-you will tend to overspend when you are feeling emotional.
  • Keep it simple-expensive parties and get-togethers create stress. By keeping it simple, you too can enjoy your party and guests.