Fall Car Protection Tips



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Fall Car Protection Tips

Fall is quickly approaching! Here are some fall car care tips to help you prepare your vehicle for winter.

  • Wash all the exterior grime off with a good hand wash
  • Coat witiphone2014-1112h a protectant! A careful cleaning followed by a good coating of a sealant or wax will help keep salt, road dust and dirt from sticking to the vehicles paint.
  • Clean your windshield and protect it with a treatment of Rain X. This will help keep frost, rain, and snow off your windshield. Who doesn’t want that?
  • Get the bugs off the front of your vehicle before winter so they don’t stick to the paint and leave a lasting impression.
  • Clean out your door jambs, and sill plates. This will help protect your doors from freezing shut.
  • Spray a little WD40 in your door lock cylinders. This will free them up and make it so they don’t freeze as well.
  • Lastly, change your windshield wipers. It is best to change them now, so they are dependable during the heavy fall rains when you will need them most!

Design Rides would be glad to assist in helping you protect your vehicle. 
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