Electronic Protection Tips



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Electronics Protection Tips

Protecting Your Electronics

Most people think of protecting their electronics with a plug-in surge strip but this only gives protection to the items that are plugged directly into the strip.

What if you could protect all the electronics in your home with one device?

We can install a whole house surge protector which will not only protect your computers and TV but also your furnace, microwave, fridge, dishwasher, water heater, well and every electronic device that is in your home.

We install a whole house surge protector directly to your panel which will absorb any surge that comes in on the power lines before it can get to the electronics in your home.

The whole house surge protectors come in several versions of protection varying from $25,000 to $75,000 worth of coverage.

You can also have surge protection installed for your phone and cable lines which adds another $20,000 worth of coverage.

If you would like to avoid unplugging your computer or TV every time a storm comes through give us a call and we can help.