Drafty windows? Leaky roof? Flaking siding? Let Elieff Brothers suggest lasting solutions


Recent 60+ per-hour winds snapped a three-foot diameter oak branch onto Tony M.’s gabled roof. Granted, he knew a new roof on his 1989 Cape Cod home was due. He had just hoped to get another year or two on the roof, and have replacement funds on hand. The force of the branch ripped through the shingles, and he could see a wintry sky blowing through.

A call to Elieff Brothers Roofing, Siding and windows brought a same-day call to look at the damage. Steve Elieff suggested two options: Completely replace the torn gabled roof section, complete with a new wood deck, ice shield, flashing and 50-year warranty shingles, and leave the other roof section for the following year, or completely replace the existing roof at one time to ensure other unseen problems are fixed, and a snug fit for all shingles. Considering what insurance would pay from his homeowner’s policy and his roof set-aside funds, he decided to go with a total re-roof, with a lifetime algae-proof warranty.

“I couldn’t believe it,” says Tony. The worst damage was fixed in one day, and the new roof was complete in three days. I even picked the color and style of the shingles from the ‘shingle selector’ section on their website. The crew was here from first to last light, and nature and Elieff Brothers’ expertise really made the decision easy.”

Melissa and Doug R. have owned their shingle-type cedar wood-sided house for 13 years. Doug’s work often takes him out of town 1-2 weeks every other month, so home fix-it chores have become a part-time job on top of Melissa’s full-time paralegal work. There hasn’t been time to properly maintain the wood siding. The sun has bleached one side a tangerine color, and the wood is peeling red flakes like dandruff. Both agree no-maintenance vinyl siding would give their home the facelift it needs.

They request a quote online from Elieff Brothers and see they can get vinyl siding in roughly the same cedar shade currently on their home. Paul Elieff pays them a visit and takes photos of their current wood siding. Their home is roughly 2,500 square-feet, and he suggests the siding can be complete in about eight days for around $10,000. While their home is being re-sided, foam-board and house wrap will seal off areas being worked on. Using their budgeted home savings account, they approach a local credit union for a $4,000 line-of-credit.

Their loan request is approved, and the Elieff crew has their home re-sided within 12 days. “We almost drove by our own home,” admits Melissa. “Elieff was thorough, answered all questions we had, and even cleaned up every night before they left.”

New window and door installation is yet another Elieff Brothers’ specialty. The firm recommends Andersen® windows for style variety and insulation efficiency, including double-hung, sliders, casement, and bay and bows.

Greg and Erin B. have a one-story home in west Lansing they bought from the original owner. Looking at their energy bill, they realize the single pane windows lack energy efficiency almost year-round, and neither wants to live in a sauna or icehouse. A friend took them on a tour of their home, where Elieff Brothers installed vinyl double-hung windows, with insulating sashes and frames. Their energy bill reduction was 75%.

That’s all it took for Greg and Erin to call Elieff Brothers for a quote. Steve gave them an estimate for tear-out and replacement of their windows, and recommended thermal insulated entry and storm doors to add a double dose of energy efficiency. Because both Greg and Erin contribute toward home improvement savings in their budget, a short-term, low-interest loan allowed them to proceed with Steve’s quote.

The 10-day project estimate was completed in five days. Two months post-installation, their energy bill dropped from $258 to $127 monthly. “We were able to pay off the loan in short order, and begin replenishing our maintenance budget. Our in-home temperature has been dialed back by 10 degrees. You can bet we’ll be telling others about the energy savings Elieff helped us realize.”

That’s good news for Steve and Paul Elieff and their crew, as word-of-mouth referrals and website testimonials account for more than 90% of their work. The firm has been a Super Service rated contractor on Angie’s List for the last four years.

“We don’t haggle on price because our goal is 100% customer satisfaction, using quality materials and best industry practices,” says Steve. “We start our 25th year in business in 2018, although Paul and I have been in the roofing and siding business since 1985. The integrity and craftsmanship we invest in each customer project goes back to the values we learned from our parents, Gordon and Marie Elieff.”

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