Don’t get fooled by that $49.99 Remote Starter.



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Don’t get fooled by that $49.99 Remote Starter.

What is every shop or store talking about when you need to by more parts and integration/or bypass modules for your remote starter?

Good question. With a remote start added to your vehicle, a remote starter out the box, is simply just a box and a lot of wires. Where do the wires go and how do I put in? What is an Integration Module? What are these extra parts needed?

Simple answer ~

  1. Integration Module is a necessary part for the remote start to communicate with the vehicle. Without it, the vehicle won’t know what you’re trying to tell it. Short answer, it’s like telling someone to do something without directions!!
  1. Parts are for the system to be installed for you type of vehicle. These are typically not included!!

All of our remote start systems are vehicle specific to your vehicle. Meaning everything is included in the price. No extra Period!! Our vehicle specific remote start is like the systems installed from factory. Like it was made for your vehicle.