The Shop Local Lansing Magazine is a monthly printed publication distributed through out the Greater Lansing area. Reach more potential customers by advertising in our printed version. To view our media kit, press the link here. Sometimes we run special prices, if you are curious about any new special deals, please call us at (517)599-3543.


“Geri’s Threads is a locally owned embroidery business who works with many other locally owned business owners. Our advertisement with Shop Local Lansing Magazine is a strong tool in our marketing. I know that smart and savvy business owners around town are catching on to all the buzz of the coolest business magazine in the Lansing area.
Something pretty awesome that Ken Whitinger does for his advertising customers is that he makes it fun to do a LIVE facebook video at your place of business. I couldn’t believe the response I had received the same day my video went live!
Some of my friends thought I was now famous! 🙂 ” – Geri Jastram, Geri’s Threads LLC
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